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Math teacher Abner Finkworthy is a bit of a tease. He tells the five students in his advanced class that his is giving out 3 A's and 2 C's on the next midterm report. Friends Jill, Jack, and Jarrius are anxious to know their grades, and each asks Mr. Finkworthy privately if he will tell them. However, he will only tell Jarrius Jill's and Jack's grades, but not his own. He tells Jack only Jill's grade, and he won't tell Jill anyone's grade.
Later, in the lunchroom, the three compare notes. Jarrius says he knows Jack's and Jill's grades, but he doesn't tell them what they are, and he says he can't figure out what his own could be. Jack thinks this over, then says he knows Jill's grade but not his own or Jarrius's. Jill quickly smiles, and says she know what grade she is getting!
Today's challenge: How does Jill know?


Solution to yesterday's challenge

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