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Math Academy for Adult Students

Our Mathematical Foundations series (Mathematical Foundations I, II, and III) was especially crafted for adults who want to get up to speed or relearn math skills they have forgotten (from fractions through calculus) as preparation for upper-level university math courses. The Foundations series has been stripped of any topics that are not direct prerequisites, and therefore not necessary, for upper-level math courses so that this can be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our comprehensive university-level courses cover material that you would expect to see at a top university and contains a superset of the topics covered in the most widely utilized textbooks. If they have it, we've got it.

Are your basic math skills shaky?

You are not alone! We very often hear from our adult students that they have either forgotten or never properly learned their fundamentals. That's why our Foundations series starts with fractions. So you can learn the right way from the very beginning (if necessary), build fluency, and gain confidence as you go. Our diagnostic will identify exactly what you're missing and place you at the precise point where you need to start.

It doesn't have to take much time!

We know how busy life gets. Each lesson gets right to the point and takes only about ten minutes to complete. Math Academy is most effective when you make it a regular habit. We recommend targeting about 30XP per day, 4 days per week. But you can break up your learning throughout your day - a lesson on the train, during lunch, after the kids go to bed - whatever fits in your schedule.

We make the most efficient use of your time. Our algorithms choose the most effective task for you to be working on at any given time. There's no sitting through long lecture videos, or paging through thick textbooks wondering what to do next. We give you the minimum effective dose of practice problems so you're not wasting your time with endless problem sets. And, our spaced-repetition algorithm is personalized to give you the review material you need at just the right time to ensure mastery.

How do I get started?

You will begin with our adaptive diagnostic. Most students, unless they're currently studying at a university, haven't taken a serious math course in years, so it's important to accurately identify what you know and what you don't. This includes material you may have known at one point but has since been forgotten.

If it's been a while, we recommend you start your journey with a Mathematical Foundations course. Sometimes results can be *ahem* unanticipated, but it is important to begin with an accurate map of today's knowledge in order to rebuild all necessary prerequisites. That will ensure you're able to make smooth, consistent progress without hitting a wall of confusion and frustration.

Upon completion of the diagnostic, a custom course will be created for you that includes any missing lower-course prerequistes that need to be remediated. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive diagnostic report with a course recommendation, analysis of unit-level mastery and course completion estimates based on a variety of XP pacings.

On your dashboard, you will be presented with a selection of five learning tasks that the algorithm has selected as the most efficient path through the course. You can choose any of the tasks you feel like working on, and eash one you complete will update your knowledge profile, earn you XP, and unlock additional, more advanced topics. After a few days the spaced-repetition algorithm will kick in, and within a week or so timed quizzes will begin to appear. Keep up a regular habit and you will be making great headway and cruising through your course!

What courses have been designed for adults?

* Course is currently in development

It's kinda fun, too!

You will earn XP and compete against others to be promoted and relegated weekly in our league system.