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“Math Academy sets a solid foundation for success, opens doors to unparalleled opportunities, and is propelling my children toward a brilliant future! It is astounding to behold them mastering incredibly advanced concepts at such tender ages! The ingenious method Math Academy utilizes to build their confidence - while sparking excitement as they learn - truly revolutionizes the academic world!“
Julie Ann Abajian
"My kid went from 6th-grade math to calculus in less than a year. It sounds hyperbolic, but it's not--I saw it happen with my own eyes. He's acing the material, too--iterative and adaptive learning is comprehensive learning."
Stephanie Arnold
"In school, my daughter did not have any particular love or proclivity for math. Last year she began homeschooling and a friend told us about Math Academy. In one year, she went from not particularly liking math to trying to convince her friends that math is great and to join her in Math Academy. By ninth grade, she will have surpassed my mathematics training as an engineering major undergrad. Wish Math Academy was around when I was a kid."
Brandon Horn
“Before Math Academy, my daughter considered math a chore. Now she’s blowing through advanced math courses on her own on a daily basis. The secret is the built-in gamification features that inspire kids to compete with each other while learning and practicing.“
Nikhil Jain
“Math Academy is a fantastic, systematically structured, and challenging math program. My daughter, now a 7th grader, loves math but wasn’t challenged at her private school, even after joining their gifted and talented program. She’s been doing Math Academy for about 10 months and has excelled! She scored a 780 on the math section of the SAT and is already working through the AP Calculus BC course in preparation for the AP exam.”
Tina Yohannes
"Math Academy is amazing - my 10-year-old can finally move at her own pace. She loves the game-like aspect that lets her compete with the other kids to try to get as much XP as possible. The software adapts to focus on what she’s having the most problems with while allowing her to skip ahead of topics she’s already mastered. Math Academy has helped us both in the advancement of my child's mathematical abilities."
Daniel D. Meyer
“I have two boys who are passionate about math, and were quite advanced with their ability, but their school just couldn’t meet their needs. Math Academy allowed them to blossom with a program that, although challenging, brought out their abilities in a way that they had never been able to before.”
Aaron Fyke
"Math Academy is revolutionizing the way math is taught. Flexible, motivating, challenging, and customizable. It is keystone in a child's confidence in all areas of learning. I can't say enough great things about [this] program."
Dene Shultz-Alva
“I have enough difficulty finding adequate time to teach my kids math beyond what they learn in school, but coming up with a reasonable curriculum seemed like an overwhelming challenge until I discovered Math Academy. It is ambitious, based on real classroom experience, and totally devoid of nonsense. Fundamental concepts are arranged in a graph structure with a surprising amount of detail, allowing the system to constantly adapt to the student. It aims for mastery, not allowing kids to get anywhere with guessing strategies. Best of all, it is constantly and rapidly improving based on the diligent incorporation of user feedback.”
Sean Hardesty
“Our daughter is thriving in Math Academy's online system. Not only did she complete AP Calculus BC at age 13 and get a 5 on the exam, but she also loves the learning process. There's no way a traditional classroom at a traditional pace would have been adequate for her.”
Drew Poppleton
“Math Academy's dynamic system accelerated my son’s progress and allowed him to score a 5 on the BC Calculus exam in his junior year of high school. The fact that Math Academy continued on to college Math was invaluable for his education and has prepared him well for a rigorous college Math and CS curriculum. “
Doug Tarr
“Math Academy is a game changer. The program has a competitive angle that really keeps my son engaged while allowing him to progress at his own pace. As a result, he won the math award for his grade and is on pace to start Calculus this fall as an 8th grader. I cannot express enough my gratitude to those at Math Academy. Simply a phenomenal program.”
Vic Smith
“The Math Academy way of teaching is both very intuitive and adaptive to the needs of different students. Dramatically superior to what was offered at our in our school district in the US, it empowered our son to learn Calculus deeply, while working completely independently in a foreign country in the middle of he pandemic. So much so, that he was able to earn a 5 in the AP Calculus BC exam at the end of the year!”
Alex Andrianopoulos